(exclusive 5% tax)
1 Agilent 10073C Passive Probe, 10:1, 500 MHz, 1.5m  
2 Agilent 10074C 150MHz Passive Probe  
3 Agilent 10074C (no hooker) 150MHz Passive Probe  
4 Agilent 1144A Active Probe 800 MHz  
5 Agilent 1160A (complete accessory) 10:1 10 Mohm 1.5m 500MHz Passive Probe   
6 Agilent  1161A (no hooker) 500MHz 1.5m Miniature Passive Probe, 10:1, 10 Mohm  
7 Agilent  1161A 500MHz 1.5m Miniature Passive Probe, 10:1, 10 Mohm  
8 Agilent  1161A (complete accessory) 500MHz 1.5m Miniature Passive Probe, 10:1, 10 Mohm  
9 Agilent 1163A Miniature Passive Probe, 10:1, 500 Ohm, Low Capacitance, 1.5 m  
10 Agilent 11687A 50-75 Ohm Adapter  
11 Agilent 11880A Type N Probe Adapter 50OHM For 85024A/85027A  
12 Agilent 15508B Converter, 75 Ohm Unbalanced - 110 Ohm Balanced  
13 Agilent 34111A High Voltage Probe  
14 Agilent 54701A 2.5GHz Active Probe  
15 Agilent 85024A High-Frequency Probe, 300 kHz to 3 GHz  
16 Agilent DSOXEDK Educators Training Kit for InfiniiVision 2000, 3000, 4000 and 6000 X-Series Oscilloscopes  
17 Agilent MSO-DSO 6000 Demo Kit  
18 Agilent N1022A Probe Adapter  
19 Agilent N1080B/H04 HDMI Test assembly - Plug  
20 Agilent N2900A-500 Upgrade to 500 Mpts of memory  
21 Agilent N4915A/014 PCI Express 3.0 Calibration Channel  
22 Agilent N5424A CAN/LIN Serial Decode: for 4ch infiniivision DSOs/MSOs  
23 Agilent N5443A Deskew and Performance Verification Kit  
24 Agilent N5457A RS-232/UART Serial Triggering and Decode   
25 Agilent N5460A Right Angle SMP-SMA Matched Cable Pair  
26 Agilent U1881A Power Measurement Application for InfiniiVision Oscilloscope  
27 Agilent U4601A PCIe XpressCard adapter for laptop connections  
28 Agilent U4602A PCIe x4 card (slot adapter) for desktop connections  
29 Agilent W2641B (New) DisplayPort Adapter & Accessories   
30 CATC 2500H+US006MA Universal Protocol Analyzer System  
31 LeCroy  AP011 AC/DC Current Probe  
32 LeCroy CP015 15A AC/DC Current Probe  
33 LeCroy  D350ST-SI  Extra Solder-In Lead for D350ST  
34 LeCroy  DCS015 Deskew Calibration Source  
35 LeCroy  DX20-PT Adjustable Positioner Tip Kit.  
36 LeCroy  DX20-QC  Test Probe Connector, For Use With D420, D620 Probe Series  
37 LeCroy  DX20-SI Replacement Solder tip lead set for D420/D620  
38 LeCroy  DXC100A Passive Differential Voltage Probe 10x/100x 500V MAX  
39 LeCroy  PHV4-7284+PMK-20KV High Voltage Probe  
40 LeCroy PP006A (no hooker&接地蓋) 10:1 500MHz Probe  
41 LeCroy PP016 10:1 300MHz 10 MΩ Passive Probe   
42 LeCroy PP016 (New) 10:1 300MHz 10 MΩ Passive Probe  
43 LDP LDP6110 100MHz Differential Probe  
44 MCC  MIIC101 I2C/SMBus Monitor  
45 MCC  MIIC102  I2C Bus Monitor Plus & Protocol Analyzer  
46 MCC  MIIC204 USB - I2C Host Adapter  
47 Tektronix 012-1680-01 Sync Pick-Off   
48 Tektronix ACD4000B Soft transit case for MSO4000B/DPO4000B Series Oscilloscopes  
49 Tektronix 013-0278-00 Video Display Clamp  
50 Tektronix 1101A Power Supply  
51 Tektronix P2220 200MHz Probe  
52 Tektronix P3010 100MHz Probe  
53 Tektronix P5050 500MHz Probe (new)  
54 Tektronix P5050 (no hooker) 500MHz Probe  
55 Tektronix P5100 (no hooker & 接地線) 2500V, 250MHz Passive High Voltage Prob  
56 Tektronix P6009 Passive Probe w/ 013-0071-00 Screw-On  
57 Tektronix P6015 1000X High Voltage Probe  
58 Tektronix P6134C (no hooker) 400MHz Probe  
59 Tektronix P6137 (no hooker) 400MHz Probe  
60 Tektronix P6139B 500MHz Probe  
61 Tektronix P6202A FET Probe DC To 500MHz  
62 Tektronix P6245 1.5GHz Active Probe  
63 Tektronix P6247 1GHz Differential Probe  
64 Tektronix P6249 4 GHz Active Probe  
65 Tektronix P6249 4 GHz Active Probe, w/complete accessories  
66 Tektronix P6434 Logic Analyzer Probes  
67 Tektronix P7330 3.5GHz High Performance Differential Probe  
68 Tektronix P7350SMA Differential Probe 5GHz  
69 Tektronix TCA-SMA TekConnect-to-TekProbe™ SMA  
70 Tektronix TCA-BNC TekConnect-to-TekProbe™ BNC 50 ?    
71 Tektronix TCPA300+TCP312 Current Probe Amplifier+100 MHz, 30A, AC/DC Current Probe  
72 Tektronix TCP202 50MHz 15A AC/DC Current Probe  
73 Tektronix TM502A+AM503 Current Probe Amplifier  
74 Tektronix TM502A+AM503+A6302 Current Probe Amplifier + 20A Current Probe