LCR Meter
(exclusive 5% tax)
1 Agilent APC-7 3.5mm To 7mm Adapter
2 Agilent/HP 16048E Test Leads , 4-Termial, BNC
3 Agilent 16048E Test Leads , 4-Termial, BNC
4 Agilent 4276A 100 Hz to 20 kHz  LCZ Meter
5 Agilent 4284A 20kHz-1MHz, LCR Meter
6 Agilent 4284A/001, 006 20kHz-1MHz, LCR Meter
7 Agilent/HP 4284A/201 20kHz-1MHz, LCR Meter
8 Agilent 4286A RF LCR Meter, 1 MHz to 1 GHz
9 Agilent Test head cable For 4287A RF LCR Meter
10 BOTECH BHO386 Surface Resistance Meter
11 Chen Hwa 900B High Voltage Meter
12 G.W LCR03 Test Fixture
13 G.W  LCR814  LCR Meter
14 Hioki 9303 Insulation Transformer 
15 MC KPZ-4M Kelvin test tweezers for SMD components
16 Wayne Kerr PMA3260A Precision Magnetics Analyzer