Logic Analyzer
(exclusive 5% tax)
1 Acute LA2132P 75MHz, 32CH, 200MHz Timing, 75MHz State Logic Analyzer
2 Agilent 10460A TTL Clock Pod
3 Agilent 10466A 3-State TTL/3.3V Data Pod
4 Agilent 1670G Stand Alone 136 Channel 500 MHz Logic Analyzer
5 Agilent 16500A+16532A+
Logic Analyzer Mainframe+250MHz Digital Oscilloscope Card +1GHz Timing Card, 16 chnls+Logic Analyzer 80 Ch Card 
6 Agilent 16500B+16550A
Logic Analyzer
7 Agilent 16500B+16555A Logic Analysis System Mainframe+Logic Analy card,68 Ch,1M/2M Mem
8 Agilent  16500C+16517A+
Logic Analyzer Mainframe + 16 Ch 4GHz timing/1GHz state Master +  100-MHz State/500-MHz Timing + 1 GSa/s 2Ch 250 MHz BW Digitizing Oscilloscope Module
9 Agilent 16517A  4GHz, 16Ch LA High-Speed State and Timing Module
10 Agilent 16518A  4GHz, 16Ch LA High-Speed State and Timing Module
11 Agilent 16534A 500MHz, 2GSa/s, 2Ch BW Digitizing Oscilloscope Module 
12 Agilent 16550A 100-MHz State/500MHz Timing
13 Agilent 16702A+16555D Logic Analysis System + Logic Analy card,68 Ch,2M/4M Mem
14 Agilent 16702A+16555D
Logic Analysis System + Logic Analy card,68 Ch,2M/4M Mem + 16 ch 4GHz timing/1GHz state Master
15 Agilent 16702B+16716A Logic Analyzer Mainframe w/display + 68 CH 167MHz state/667 MHz Timing
16 Agilent 16712A 102CH,  250MHz  State, 500MHz Timing 
17 Agilent 16716A  68CH , 167MHz State , 667MHz Timing
18 Agilent 54620A 16CH 500MSa/s Logic Analyzer
19 Agilent  E9340A  LogicWave PC Logic Analyzer
20 Agilent Logic Pod For HP/Agilent Logic Analyzer
21 GoLogic NCI GLUSB36-1M-798 Logic Analyzer
22 GoLogic NCI GL36-1024K-0030 Logic Analyzer
23 Tektronix P6417 Standard 17Channel probe for TLA
24 Tektronix 020-2457-00 COMPRESSION PCB -to- MICTOR ADAPTER For P6860
25 Tektronix SMB-BNC Adapter TLA logic Analyzer External iiView cable
26 Tektronix TLA5202 68CH 235MHz State/2GHz Timing Portable Logic Analyzer
27 Tektronix TLA5204 OPT:8S 136 Channels, 235MHz Logic Analyzer   
28 Tektronix TLA7D1 500MHz 2CH 2.5GS/s DSO Module  
29 Tektronix TLA7E1 2 Channel 1 GHz Oscilloscope Module For TLA700  
30 Tektronix TLA7L1 34Ch, 2GHZ Timing, 100MHz state, 32Kb depth
31 Tektronix TLA7L2/2S  Logic Analyzer 68CH Module, 100MHz State, 2GHz Timing, 128K depth For TLA700  
32 Tektronix TLA7L4/1S,2S Logic Analyzer 136CH Module 200MHz State, 2GHz Timing, 128K Depth For TLA700  
33 Tektronix TLA7M2 68-Channel Logic Analyzer module, 2 GHz timing, 100 MHz state, 64 K depth